Someone UNdented my car!

Okay, I KNOW who UNdented it because I had to write him a check for $159 to get him to do it. I actually saved myself some bucks by doing the first part myself, since they pay by the size of the dent (a 3 inch dent is $159); here is where we started:


And here is my individual effort (yes, that IS a toilet plunger):


Which left me with this (a much cheaper dent!):


Which the dent guy turned into this:


I still have to get the rubber marks off from the dicksmack who hit me, but it looks good now. All for the low price of $159, or $318 per hour (it only took him 30 minutes!)

One thought on “Someone UNdented my car!

  1. Mike Pennell Wednesday August 26, 2009 at 1:35 pm Reply

    Who did you use? Angel has a dent issue on the Prius (actually 2 of them) … due to a dicksmack also.


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