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Bad bathroom etiquette or unbridled optimism? Your call.

So I walk into my extra bathroom the other day and notice this:

This is either the sign of:

1. a person who would leave that last swig of milk in the carton and put it back in the fridge, or

2. someone who is incredibly optimistic about my restroom habits as it pertains to how much toilet paper I might use for any given “event”.

Since I think I know who did this and they probably read this blog, I am going to assume it is #2. No pun intended.


On the road again…

So I saw this driving down the freeway the other day:

I guess I am just upset because obviously SOMEONE in MY family was moving and no one told me.

Quote of the day…

From my friend Kim about her long bike ride last weekend:

” I got two flat tires, ran out of water and got hit by a Segway.”

Paella anyone? No, paella EVERYONE!

So my friend Jenell headed out for a canoe camping trip this weekend and I knew she was running a little late.  Being the gentleman that I am I asked if I could help in some way, so she said it would be a BIG help if I could pick up the paella skillet that she left at work.

I’m not sure what you all think when you hear the word “skillet” or “pan” but I was thinking that it would be something I could swing by and pick up without needing a weightlifting spotter. Here it is (placed on the hood of my car for scale):

Evidently one makes paella in a pan approximately the size of an Acura six-cylinder engine.

What’s confusing about this picture?

So I was at my friend Jenell’s place and was looking around her cool little downtown apartment; here was the view:

Nothing too unusual, right? Cute little table, chandelier and way cool over-burdened purse rack all casting shadows. After being confused for a minute, I finally figured it out. Here is a photo from farther away:

It took me a second to realize that THERE IS NO CHANDELIER IN THIS ROOM! What you see is the SHADOW of a chandelier that she painted on the wall. Since all of the light in the room is on the other side it creates this amazing optical illusion that makes you look for the chandelier that is creating the shadow.

Well, it ain’t there.

Quote of the day…

So I was leafing through the latest issue of Contact Magazine and noticed that there was an article and photo spread on my friend Kim’s condo that she just sold!

I immediately called her and she said she had seen it as well, and

that it is like seeing your ex-boyfriend with a new hot chick. And then having all your friends call you up and say they saw him with the new hot chick too. And realizing, whether your friends get it or not, that you left that guy for a REASON.

So hey, nice condo, but she needed to move on…

All you “greenies” are going to be jealous…

So last week while I was up in San Jose I flew in early to catch up with my buddy Don who lives up there.  He had emailed me asking if I wanted to be picked up at the airport in the Mini or the Smart Car.  SMART CAR BABY!

Don pulling up at the curb

Don pulling up

A lot smaller than a Mini!

Did I mention that Don is kind of a big guy?

Yep, I got to drive it!  It was like tooling around in a golf cart!

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