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I met a decent kid! Shocking.

So I was waiting for some food to go last night at a rather busy place, sitting in a chair reading when this kid who was around 11 asked if the chair next to me was used.  I said no and he sat down and started playing a racing game on his Sony PSP.  I was impressed with the graphics so I said “Cool.”

He looked over at me and my book and said:

Books are cool too.  They just aren’t as interactive“.

He then proceeded to chide his mom for reading Danielle Steele chick lit garbage, his quote being

I don’t know how you can read that drivel.”

The kid was ELEVEN.

“Who’s down with OPC? Yeah, you know me!”

Okay, so I am stealing from Naughty By Nature’s song “OPP” from back in MY college days, but in this case it is “OPC”, as in Other People’s Children.  And regardless of the lyric, I am often NOT down with it.

Don’t get me wrong; I think kids can be great. You know, when they are well-behaved, charming, wide-eyed, curious and when they are on a “time out”. What gets me is how the public behavior of OPCs is getting worse over time; I know if I had thrown a fit in a grocery store when I was a kid, that shopping trip was not going to last very long. It seems like most parents “back then” placed a priority on NOT BOTHERING THE CRAP OUT OF EVERYONE ELSE AROUND THEM and so they would leave the store and shop another time.  The same for movies or restaurants; so what the hell happened?  I say we go back to old school:


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