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I’ve obviously met George Costanza…

I can’t even remember whose wallet this is; the picture was in my phone. Come on, fess up!  Yes, that is a QUARTER.

Goodbye, Farewell and Amen.

My good friend Karen’s dog Jersey became suddenly ill recently and then passed away.  The piece below arrived in my email inbox, and certainly made me think about my own dog and what kind of life I do (or don’t, at times) provide for her…  comments appreciated.

From Jersey:

To all my friends and family,

Thank you for giving and sharing with me, my wonderful life. I knew from the moment I met my mom that I was going to experience love, friendship, adventure, challenge and happiness, but really didn’t know just how much. You have all been so good to me…spoiled me actually…I got to visit places other dogs could not go, see things other dogs missed and ate a whole lot of people food (only while on vacation, per mom).  I’ve been to the beach in CA and Mexico, I’ve been to the top of mountain peaks 14,000 ft high in Colorado, dogs parks all over (I will miss David’s dogpark!), I’ve hiked the slickrock in Moab and hiked miles upon miles all over the state. My mom even turned me into a running dog! I remember being able to run about 4-6 miles with her! I have made lots of friends (people and animal alike). Thank you for watching me when mom was away, hiking with me and camping with me too. It’s been good to be known as “such a good dog”.

As you know my legs no longer carry me 4-6 miles, I’m no longer hungry for even the sweetest of treats. It is time to say thank you and be on my way… but know that today I am taking my memories with me and I want you all to keep them close to your hearts as well.

Now go on and share the love you shared with me, with other pets. They deserve to experience the adventures and love in life that I have.  I will miss you all.

– Jersey Girl


Color me crazy, but…

…does my friend Jennifer’s front door glass inlay look sort of phallic?


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