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Sleevefacing, part deux.

I am still fascinated by sleevefacing; here are a few more awesome ones. I can’t decide whether Willie Nelson having little boobies creeps me out or turns me on a little, but I know that the ginormous Tom Jones head is something I will undoubtedly see in a future nightmare.

The saddest yard sale in history…

…took place across the street from my house a couple weeks ago. Keep in mind that what you see here is not just the detritus left over after the sale has been picked clean by a large Hispanic family who showed up in a full size van; this was the WHOLE ENCHILADA.

When I went over and looked the total cost of EVERYTHING would have been about $26. It almost made me just give her $30 and then take it all to Goodwill and then write it off as charity.

Is it just me, or…

…does Jin have the ability to always lay in the cutest possible position?  Look at her feet!

Some of you may remember previous classic pose of hers

Maybe it’s not my house, but rather my “house-itude”…

Okay, so it really is the house but I can’t do much about it until I get it finished.  Then I can see how I feel about it and either dump it and get a place (condo/townhome/loft) with a postage-stamp-sized yard/deck and a pool that someone else maintains.

Until then, maybe I need to not let it bug me so much. Easier said than done…

Ben and Jerry’s is paying homage to my Whirled…

…but then, I AM a very good customer:

But what do I really NEED???

Those of you who know me personally know that I moved to downtown Phoenix from the ‘burbs a few years ago and bought a 1913 bungalow. The house is cool, the location is awesome but I really had NO idea how much effort I would need to put into this place to make it feel like my own. My previous house was my first and I built it new so while I put a lot of effort into it, it started as a blank slate and I did not have to UNDO anything that was done by previous owners.

That being said, I have always been fascinated by minimal living, not because I am so “enlightened” but rather because lots of “stuff” just stresses me out. I don’t need a super small space but I do want a space with very little in it. To that end, I started writing down what things I really would want to have if I were in a much simpler place; notice that I am not a militant minimalist but rather I want things that I will use often and none that I won’t. I am not really looking to give up my iPod or TiVo as I USE those; what I don’t want is a bunch of crap I don’t use. Like a pool and a yard. Anyway…

Spaces: Cozy bedroom, bathroom with a tub, kitchen, family room, a small office nook (preferably a wallbed that can double as a guest bed and desk), small place to eat. A place that captures this that is very tempting is a place I checked during their grand opening: Patio 71. To think that I could sell my house and with the profit pay cash for this place is incredibly tempting. Anyway, back to the list…

Non-consumable things: Bed, couch, small desk, extra bed, piano (could be digital but I love my grand :), TiVo, television, iPod, digital camera, cell phone, telephone, cookware, books (though I get most from the library because I don’t want more stuff), computer, sports equipment, clothing.

What am I missing here? I know most of us have more crap laying around than we could possibly use so I was trying to think of things that I use often. I have a friend who started doing traveling medical work a couple years ago and I remember her telling me that there is nothing like realizing what you really need as when you need to move from place to place with only what would fit into your car. I long for trying it someday; maybe I’ll get an Airstream and just park it in the evenings at Wal-Marts and Cracker Barrels throughout Phoenix.

All I know is that I WANT less. Much less. What I don’t know is what I really NEED.

The first decision of my day…

Bad bathroom etiquette or unbridled optimism? Your call.

So I walk into my extra bathroom the other day and notice this:

This is either the sign of:

1. a person who would leave that last swig of milk in the carton and put it back in the fridge, or

2. someone who is incredibly optimistic about my restroom habits as it pertains to how much toilet paper I might use for any given “event”.

Since I think I know who did this and they probably read this blog, I am going to assume it is #2. No pun intended.

On the road again…

So I saw this driving down the freeway the other day:

I guess I am just upset because obviously SOMEONE in MY family was moving and no one told me.

Quote of the day…

From my friend Kim about her long bike ride last weekend:

” I got two flat tires, ran out of water and got hit by a Segway.”

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