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Whoever decided on this design for the stained glass window is FIRED!

Not my next personal trainer…

This was taken in the drive through line at McDonald’s a week ago.  I know I had to be there to snap the picture but I was just getting a side salad and a glass of warm water.

Guess which pair is mine…

My friends Max and Princess think that I need new tennis shoes:

Here’s a hint: theirs are BLINDING!

I met a decent kid! Shocking.

So I was waiting for some food to go last night at a rather busy place, sitting in a chair reading when this kid who was around 11 asked if the chair next to me was used.  I said no and he sat down and started playing a racing game on his Sony PSP.  I was impressed with the graphics so I said “Cool.”

He looked over at me and my book and said:

Books are cool too.  They just aren’t as interactive“.

He then proceeded to chide his mom for reading Danielle Steele chick lit garbage, his quote being

I don’t know how you can read that drivel.”

The kid was ELEVEN.

“Who’s down with OPC? Yeah, you know me!”

Okay, so I am stealing from Naughty By Nature’s song “OPP” from back in MY college days, but in this case it is “OPC”, as in Other People’s Children.  And regardless of the lyric, I am often NOT down with it.

Don’t get me wrong; I think kids can be great. You know, when they are well-behaved, charming, wide-eyed, curious and when they are on a “time out”. What gets me is how the public behavior of OPCs is getting worse over time; I know if I had thrown a fit in a grocery store when I was a kid, that shopping trip was not going to last very long. It seems like most parents “back then” placed a priority on NOT BOTHERING THE CRAP OUT OF EVERYONE ELSE AROUND THEM and so they would leave the store and shop another time.  The same for movies or restaurants; so what the hell happened?  I say we go back to old school:


The crap I watch on TV…

So last night I saw a show called Britain’s Worse Teeth; given all the jokes made about bad British teeth you can only imagine what these might have looked like.  No fear!  Thanks to TiVo and a digital camera I give you the following:

That’s pretty bad, even by British standards.  Alas, they were not able to be saved and he ended up with dentures 😦

I’ve had days like this…

I think this is the sister of Kenny from South Park…

Kansas is NOT the place for fine wine…

So my friend Jenell was back in Kansas visiting the family and snapped this shot at a local bar:

Looks like mostly the various Bud and Coors selections (as expected in the midwest), but what cracked me up was the Franzia in a BOX.

Bartender:  “So, did you want the pink wine or the yella?”

Are dissection workshops a family activity?

I noticed that the Arizona Science Center has a series of dissection workshops this summer listed under their family events page.  I guess it makes sense if your family looks like this:

I guess the family that FILLETS together, STAYS together.

It’s fiber-licious!

Breakfast this morning consisted of a bowl of Fiber One cereal (it only tastes like wet cardboard the first 12 to 14 times you eat it), with non-fat milk and topped with HUGE blackberries that I got from Costco. Between the cereal and the blackberries, my best estimate is that this meal contains enough fiber to weave a tent for small family living in sub-Saharan Africa.

I would write some more espousing the awesome benefits of fiber, but I need to go. Seriously, like I need to GO.

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