Monthly Archives: December 2008

Even Jin likes laying by the fire…

…and how can you blame her?


When gestures of courtesy go wrong…

Have you ever tried to hold the door for someone coming in to someplace behind you, then you realize they are either farther away and/or moving much slower than you thought and so you end up holding the door for an amount of time that makes you irritated at them by the time they get there?


Yeah, so have I…

Glad to be in Arizona

Especially after seeing the photos from the New England ice storm, where I was only a couple of months ago.  This pic was my favorite; crazy or what???


Not sure whether I want to attend this party…

So my friend Karen has a DVD Exchange Cocktail Party each year, but I don’t really like the way it is showing up on my Evite list:karen_cock

Ah, what the hell.  I’ll go.

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