When gestures of courtesy go wrong…

Have you ever tried to hold the door for someone coming in to someplace behind you, then you realize they are either farther away and/or moving much slower than you thought and so you end up holding the door for an amount of time that makes you irritated at them by the time they get there?


Yeah, so have I…

One thought on “When gestures of courtesy go wrong…

  1. Gerald Wednesday December 24, 2008 at 1:11 pm Reply

    What I really hate is when you are holding awkwardly- e.g you have packages of your own in your hands and are holding with a stretched out foot or jutted out elbow- and the free hands follower does not even reach out a hand to help. In the worst cases I have even had them bump or my packages instead.

    I believe that we ought to return to the days of more fisticuffs, where this would clearly fall under the realm of “fighting words” (or actions as the case may be).

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