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Do any of you even REMEMBER 8-track tapes?

If you don’t and want a history lesson, or if you do and want some nostalgia, here is something to check out.  My friend Doug does art installations and currently has one at the Burton Barr Central Phoenix Library Art Gallery that showcases his lifelong (and now over) relationship with this medium, and includes music being played on his old 8-track system:

Here is a link to the New Times blurb about it and here is a link to his Flickr photoset of the installation.  But hey, go and check it out yourself!  Who doesn’t need to make a trip to the library?

Lastly, Doug’s description in his own words:

Are you in a funk because you maxed out your new 1 gigabyte MP3 with only 572 songs? If so, a tonic for your ailments may be as simple as revisiting just how far audio systems have come by attending the artist’s reception for my latest installation, “The Tale of the Tape: A Farewell to My 8-Track Music System.”

The gala takes place during the Downtown First Friday Artwalk from 7 to 10 pm on November 7th at the @ Central Gallery which is part of the Burton Barr Library, 1221 N. Central Avenue. The installation is one of several altars that will be on display during the gallery’s annual Dia de los Muertos exhibition.

The altar traces the evolution of the 8-track tape and how this largely forgotten audio system was interwoven in my life and now departs it. The focal point of the altar is a still-functioning J.C. Penny 8-track tape system playing all *our* favorite artists (the Fabulous Poodles – Mirror Star, Jefferson Starship – Spitfire, the Who – Meaty, Beaty, Big and Bouncy, Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass – Greatest Hits etc).

For those unable to attend the artist’s reception, the exhibition is available for viewing from October 25 through November 9th during normal library hours.

Lovely day for a hike [cough cough]

This was what I saw a couple weeks ago while hiking Squaw Peak.  The sad thing is that I live somewhere in all that muck.  I’m going to blame it all on leaf blowers.

Feeling nostalgic…. for calculators??

So I saw the photo below showing a bunch of old calculators:

and it made me remember the one that got me through all my electrical engineering courses, mainly because I could secretly type formulas into it in case I couldn’t remember them for the exam.  The classic HP41CV:

Hard to believe that at the time they cost $325.  I could get an entire laptop for that now, especially when adjusted from mid-1980s dollars.

Just say NO to people who take five minutes to fill their sodas to the rim from the soda fountain when it is free refills…

I really think the title explains it all: those people who keep clicking the filler thing with their cup and letting the fizz settle and then clicking it again and letting the fizz settle until not one more drop of soda can be placed into the cup under normal atmospheric pressure.  Is that last 0.5 ounce of soda really worth five minutes of MY time??? (Hint: I’m the person behind you…)

To explain this graphically, the soda below would be inadequate for the people of whom I speak due to the small area near the top of the glass that is not filled with soda.  Obviously ten to twelve carbon dioxide bubbles have burst and need to be replaced by more soda.

Scottsdale casket…

Need I say more?

The grow up so quickly…

So I am sitting in one of my local coffeeshops enjoying some caffeine and wifi and in walks two kids around ten years old, ordering a white chocolate mocha and an iced tall non-fat chai while talking on their cell phones.

Don’t any kids just play red rover anymore?

Admit it. You’re jealous.

How I spent my previous Tuesday…


I discovered completely by accident this morning that if I say “fuck off” to the Cox Communications automated telephone support line it automatically and CORRECTLY connects me to the billing department.

I love it when things just make sense.

My Dad is still getting all the press…

Some of you may have read when my Dad was the Kingman Police Volunteer of the Year (what a show off !) and now he gets in the paper AGAIN!  Looks like he is dropping the hammer on those bastards who park in handicapped spots; you go Dad!  (He is the one outside the car…)

Read all about it here.

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