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Do any of you even REMEMBER 8-track tapes?

If you don’t and want a history lesson, or if you do and want some nostalgia, here is something to check out.  My friend Doug does art installations and currently has one at the Burton Barr Central Phoenix Library Art Gallery that showcases his lifelong (and now over) relationship with this medium, and includes music being played on his old 8-track system:

Here is a link to the New Times blurb about it and here is a link to his Flickr photoset of the installation.  But hey, go and check it out yourself!  Who doesn’t need to make a trip to the library?

Lastly, Doug’s description in his own words:

Are you in a funk because you maxed out your new 1 gigabyte MP3 with only 572 songs? If so, a tonic for your ailments may be as simple as revisiting just how far audio systems have come by attending the artist’s reception for my latest installation, “The Tale of the Tape: A Farewell to My 8-Track Music System.”

The gala takes place during the Downtown First Friday Artwalk from 7 to 10 pm on November 7th at the @ Central Gallery which is part of the Burton Barr Library, 1221 N. Central Avenue. The installation is one of several altars that will be on display during the gallery’s annual Dia de los Muertos exhibition.

The altar traces the evolution of the 8-track tape and how this largely forgotten audio system was interwoven in my life and now departs it. The focal point of the altar is a still-functioning J.C. Penny 8-track tape system playing all *our* favorite artists (the Fabulous Poodles – Mirror Star, Jefferson Starship – Spitfire, the Who – Meaty, Beaty, Big and Bouncy, Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass – Greatest Hits etc).

For those unable to attend the artist’s reception, the exhibition is available for viewing from October 25 through November 9th during normal library hours.

Get an advance on some Karma by donating to a good cause…


The wife of a long-time friend of mine was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis a year ago, and she is riding the Arizona Bike MS Event at the end of March which is a two-day, 150 mile ride. Geesh, it makes me tired just thinking about it.

Since I am unlikely to leap off my couch and jump on a bike and join her, I did the next best thing and DONATED. I know all of us want to have some good Karma flowing so throw a few dollars at this to get a jump on the next time you do something bad. Then you’ll just be even.


You can read about Marlene and donate to her effort HERE. Really you can. I know you can. Okay, I’ll buy you a frickin’ drink next time I see you if you donate. I’m not above bribing you. And you don’t have to pick $25; you can choose your own amount so if you give $5 you’ll be even after I buy you that drink.

There is currently no cure for MS; to learn more about MS, to read stories of those affected and to see what else is being done to combat this disease, check out the National Multiple Sclerosis Society website.

We thank you for your support.

The Bus Ride to Conquer Cancer…

It was supposedly “The CLIMB to Conquer Cancer” but we certainly spent a lot of time on buses.  School buses.

So I joined my friends Princess, Max, Esther and Elmer on the Climb to Conquer Cancer this morning, which consists mainly of walking about six miles to the top of South Mountain but ALSO consists of multiple rides on real school buses to get to and from the parking area and also down the mountain after hiking to the top. I realized that in all the years since I last rode a school bus (be nice) the technology has NOT CHANGED AT ALL. Even the windows have the exact same “squeeze in on both sides and slide up or down” kind of latches. And either the seats seem so close together:


or maybe I am bigger. I’m not sure what I expected; maybe drop-down DVD screens, a small Starbucks counter or at least wireless internet access. Nada.

And check out this little guy who made it to the top!


Had a wonderful time; wish you were there.

Wayne out on a SCHOOL night!

Yup, I went out and tore up Scottsdale last night with my friends Erica, Chris and a couple friends of theirs. Actually we just tore up Kazimierz Wine Bar but it was really fun. It turns out that Dennis Rowland plays there Thursday nights so the music was pretty cool. Here is a shot:


We had fun messing with one of Erica’s friends named Ryan; Erica, Chris and I were there early and were tucked in a corner so when Ryan came in he was sitting by himself at the couches reserved for our group. I got some scoop on Ryan from Erica and went over and sat down next to him and started talking to him like I’ve known him for years; I fessed up right when I could sense he was going to ask “Who the hell ARE you?” He was a great sport and all of the people there were cool and witty.

One other interesting note: I guess it was Scottsdale ArtWalk night so there were a lot of artists in the house. It was obvious because it TOTALLY threw off the usual 90%/10% Snottsdale ratio of blondes to brunettes!

Thank you Lord.

Oh my god, I actually hiked yesterday…

I was able to find my boots and everything and went up Camelback yesterday afternoon; it was so green because of all the rain:


And I always meant to take a photo of the “house on the rock”; it is a house that is literally built on top of a large boulder. I would love to see the inside!


How I spent my Friday night…

Hey, it was a tough week and I DID catch an early movie (Jumper; I had to see it ’cause I read all the books; kinda goofy though).


Nice fire, huh? And yes, that IS a TiVo’d episode of Judge Judy up there. How sad 🙂

Double dose of culture…

So I was able to get to the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art to check out the Edgerton Photography Exhibit before it closes tomorrow. You’ve all seen the stuff; super high-speed photography, much of it done way back in the 1930s:

Now this was WAY before computers (try to IMAGINE it, young people), so the methods they had to time the photography were ingenious indeed. After that, went and checked out the play/standup routine called “World of Jewtopia” which detailed all the funny things about being Jewish (or Gentile, for that matter). One funny part was where they put up a drawing of a restaurant and had the crowd figure not only where the only good table was located but also WHY the other tables were inadequate. Curiously enough, the crowd yelled out the correct answers for all of them (too close to the kitchen, to close to the drafty window, OUTDOORS, etc).

During the Q and A after, a young girl from the crowd mentioned that there were no cute Jewish men on Jdate. I assume this is because they are all trolling for shiksas on…

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