Get an advance on some Karma by donating to a good cause…


The wife of a long-time friend of mine was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis a year ago, and she is riding the Arizona Bike MS Event at the end of March which is a two-day, 150 mile ride. Geesh, it makes me tired just thinking about it.

Since I am unlikely to leap off my couch and jump on a bike and join her, I did the next best thing and DONATED. I know all of us want to have some good Karma flowing so throw a few dollars at this to get a jump on the next time you do something bad. Then you’ll just be even.


You can read about Marlene and donate to her effort HERE. Really you can. I know you can. Okay, I’ll buy you a frickin’ drink next time I see you if you donate. I’m not above bribing you. And you don’t have to pick $25; you can choose your own amount so if you give $5 you’ll be even after I buy you that drink.

There is currently no cure for MS; to learn more about MS, to read stories of those affected and to see what else is being done to combat this disease, check out the National Multiple Sclerosis Society website.

We thank you for your support.

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