Wayne out on a SCHOOL night!

Yup, I went out and tore up Scottsdale last night with my friends Erica, Chris and a couple friends of theirs. Actually we just tore up Kazimierz Wine Bar but it was really fun. It turns out that Dennis Rowland plays there Thursday nights so the music was pretty cool. Here is a shot:


We had fun messing with one of Erica’s friends named Ryan; Erica, Chris and I were there early and were tucked in a corner so when Ryan came in he was sitting by himself at the couches reserved for our group. I got some scoop on Ryan from Erica and went over and sat down next to him and started talking to him like I’ve known him for years; I fessed up right when I could sense he was going to ask “Who the hell ARE you?” He was a great sport and all of the people there were cool and witty.

One other interesting note: I guess it was Scottsdale ArtWalk night so there were a lot of artists in the house. It was obvious because it TOTALLY threw off the usual 90%/10% Snottsdale ratio of blondes to brunettes!

Thank you Lord.

2 thoughts on “Wayne out on a SCHOOL night!

  1. EricaLucci Friday February 22, 2008 at 4:47 pm Reply

    Nice photo! Thanks for meeting us out for a fun night!

  2. Aileen Wednesday March 26, 2008 at 1:10 am Reply

    I’ve been to Kazbar, and it was on a Thursday night, so I did get to see Rowland’s trio perform. Great night, so long ago, even if it was one of the three nights I got drunk in my life 🙂

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