I met a decent kid! Shocking.

So I was waiting for some food to go last night at a rather busy place, sitting in a chair reading when this kid who was around 11 asked if the chair next to me was used.  I said no and he sat down and started playing a racing game on his Sony PSP.  I was impressed with the graphics so I said “Cool.”

He looked over at me and my book and said:

Books are cool too.  They just aren’t as interactive“.

He then proceeded to chide his mom for reading Danielle Steele chick lit garbage, his quote being

I don’t know how you can read that drivel.”

The kid was ELEVEN.


One thought on “I met a decent kid! Shocking.

  1. Mom Wednesday July 2, 2008 at 2:32 pm Reply

    There is some out there but you never hear about them

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