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Probably the weirdest photo I have ever taken…

Okay, so my buddy John actually took it from the backseat of my Jeep when a group of us were coming back from a hike up north a few years ago. See if you can spot all the weirdness:


If you noticed the sword, the rifle, the pistol, the cigar and THE FREAKIN’ LIVE MACAW SITTING ON A PERCH BETWEEN HIS HANDLEBARS WHILE DRIVING DOWN THE HIGHWAY AT SEVENTY MILES AN HOUR, well, then you are a winner…

We even sped up and slowed down repeatedly to get the bird to move its head; that thing was either REAL or stolen from the Chuck E. Cheese animatronic stage show.

And I was worried that the dog bed that I bought might not be big enough…

I woke up and saw Jin all curled up in her bed and was able to snag a phone camera shot before she woke up….

Ya gotta admit, she is darn cute sometimes…

Who says you need a truck to be a contractor?

One thing about trying to capture thoughts/observations/life in a blog; it makes one pay more attention to what is going on around them.

And then, of course, take pictures of it for later publication. I saw this at lunch today.

Just say "no" to coffee tables…

Whilst pondering decor issues, I came up with the following thought:

“Decide what is more important: the item you want to put into a given space or the space itself.”

Okay, so it is not that profound, but it came up during a discussion over coffee tables, which I am against. I think they are just crap collectors and if I want to have a place to put my feet I can use a cube storage ottoman, with the added bonus of putting blankets or something inside it. Unless you have a huge living room, a coffee table eats up a valuable space and ends up covered with magazines and garbage anyway. Just say no to coffee tables!

Review: Restaurant: Stax

So I went and caught “The Savages” at Camelview this weekend and afterward ended up at a (relatively) new eatery on Scottsdale Road just south of Camelback. It is called Stax, and seems to be known for appetizer-sized burgers (including beef, ostrich, buffalo, duck, etc) as well as some cool sides like tater tots (go tots!), mac and cheese and sweet potato fries. It was filled with Scottsdale trend-igentsia but other than that it was pretty good.


Bye bye BMW?

So I decided to sell the BMW, putting it in Auto Trader, of course, the week right before Christmas. Duh. I finally got a decent lead on someone who might want it so I met him today and he took it for a spin.

It has been tough keeping two cars clean with no garage (as you may or may not know, my house was built in 1913 so garages were quite rare) so it will be nice to be down to one.

I’m gonna miss it though; once I move back to suburbia and land of three car garages (most of which are just full of crap so people STILL have to park theirs cars in the driveway) perhaps I’ll get another toy like it.

The holidays are over!

That could be seen as good (no more angry shoppers/drivers/parkers) or bad (no more days off for a while). My highlight was getting knocked out in the first round of Wii boxing by my neighbors five-year-old daughter.

Hopefully it is not an omen for 2008…

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