What’s the F**king Deal or No Deal?

So is it just me or are most of the contestants on this show not very bright? They get an offer of a couple hundred thousand dollars (when they probably make $30k a year) and they still keep holding out for that million!

It is the peer pressure? When has THAT ever resulted in a good outcome? (Think beer bongs, shots of Jagermeister and crack). Is it the few more minutes of fame? If so, they end up paying about $20K for each additional minute when they get one-fourth of their original offer. Is it just plain stupidity? Is it the math system in this country?


I love when you can tell there is ONE smart person in the family who is BEGGING them to stop while the other family members are thinking “when they win that million I’m gettin’ me some of it!” and yelling “NO DEAL”!

I think if they actually handed them the money for each offer and then said that they had to place it back on the table and use it as a bet to win more, then they would probably take their original $200K offer and go back home and buy the nicest trailer in the whole damn park.

Here is a good rule of thumb: if you are offered an amount that could CHANGE YOUR LIFE, take it. And if anyone in your family was cheering you to keep going, they get NOTHING.

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