What’s confusing about this picture?

So I was at my friend Jenell’s place and was looking around her cool little downtown apartment; here was the view:

Nothing too unusual, right? Cute little table, chandelier and way cool over-burdened purse rack all casting shadows. After being confused for a minute, I finally figured it out. Here is a photo from farther away:

It took me a second to realize that THERE IS NO CHANDELIER IN THIS ROOM! What you see is the SHADOW of a chandelier that she painted on the wall. Since all of the light in the room is on the other side it creates this amazing optical illusion that makes you look for the chandelier that is creating the shadow.

Well, it ain’t there.

One thought on “What’s confusing about this picture?

  1. Lili Thursday May 22, 2008 at 8:48 pm Reply

    I could tell it was a shadow when I first saw the picture cuz I’m much smarter than you. I am only leaving these rude types of comments from now on cuz you’ve never commented on my blog despite the fact that we are VERY GOOD FRIENDS, having met at least 4 times before!!!!!!

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