The Wonderful World of Park-N-Swap

So one thing you know you’ll get at Park-N-Swap is a lot of variety, but this blew even MY mind:

So all in this one photo are an ice axe, an electric drill, a dual-tone horn kit for a car and an, uh, body fluid cleanup kit?? Please not I did not gather these things together; they were sitting right next to one another.

That’s a lot of variety in two square feet.

And here are some of those keyfobs for people who like everyone to know what kind of car they drive when they are not near their car but DO have their keys. I expect to see “Porsche”, “BMW” or even “Camaro” from the more blue collar types, but I did not expect to see these:

If I could find a Yugo one, my world would be complete.

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