The pros and cons of two-ply toilet tissue…

While I was sitting and “thinking” this morning I was internally debating various ideas on toilet tissue. Though in this amazing country we probably have more than 700 choices for this one function, I feel is basically comes down to two things:

  1. One-ply or two-ply
  2. Which way to hang it (over the top or underneath)

Dealing with #1 (no pun intended), the obvious choice is two-ply; it is fluffier, softer and better yet creates a thicker barrier between “the handle side”, and you know, the business end. The only downside is that when starting a new roll I invariably get it started BETWEEN the plys and then end up pulling it off the roll with it making that pulling apart noise that you can get when dismantling forms that are in triplicate.

And for those of you who say two-ply is more wasteful and therefore less ecologically sound than one-ply have no idea how much extra hot water I would have to use washing my hands after using one-ply before I felt comfortable. Trust me, two-ply is better for the environment in my case.

Dealing with #2 (DEFINITELY no pun intended), there really isn’t anything to decide; it’s a given. Over the top if you don’t have a cat, from underneath if you do. It’s to avoid this:

One thought on “The pros and cons of two-ply toilet tissue…

  1. Mom Sunday February 10, 2008 at 10:27 am Reply

    Amazing the things you think of

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