My friends are so talented…

My friend Jenell is an interior designer for an architecture firm, though she has many talents OTHER than just spending other people’s money (as designers tend to do). I’m admittedly just jealous that she gets to spend other people’s money whereas I have to spend my own, but check out the bag she designed and made as a birthday gift to her best friend; cool or what???

I insisted that she give me some specifics so I could blog it, so here is her description:

The material is ‘100% cotton with a laminated coating’, which makes it super cleanable and the inside lining uses the same fabrics. The store where the fabrics were bought is called Bernina Connection [42nd St & Indian School]. I guess it’s a messenger bag, and i sewed a pocket inside for a wine bottle opener.

Did you read that??? A wine bottle opener! How cool!

I’m so glad that my friends are talented so I don’t have to be.

One thought on “My friends are so talented…

  1. EricaLucci Thursday May 8, 2008 at 9:46 am Reply

    That is a gorgeous bag! It looks like a perfect size and really fun colors. I love the idea of a pocket for a bottle opener…fun, fun!

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